Unveil the Dark

Human lives are pretty simple if you consider the basic structure of life. The complexity arises from the lifestyle of a person. We address the modern era individual as a ‘millennial’. A millennial is capable of following or changing any lifestyles at will, making S/he a complex being.

An average millennial challenges majority of societal institutions but only according to their convenience. S/he has an image to maintain in the society which runs on dependent social constructs. It seems everyone wears a white mask, for the sake of theatrics. The white mask depicts the life of the individual which is visible to the society. The set of institutional rules, social constructs and systems are applicable while one is under surveillance. A millennial wears this mask whenever S/he is in the light, portraying themselves as the ‘good’ people.


What about the Dark??? Are you afraid of it??? Isn’t it just another natural phenomenon???

Are you the same person when no one is looking??? Do you feel empowered??? Do you feel the ‘beast’ inside you, just waiting to pounce???

The white mask worn by the individuals in the Light are worn off in the Dark. The absence of light empowers the person, shielding S/he from the prowling eyes that follow them everywhere. These creatures of the Dark exhibit no signs of fear or respect towards the laid out rules of the human establishment. These are extreme beings, beings of heightened senses and nerves of steel.

Don’t be afraid of them. They aren’t monsters, just normal human beings who have come to terms with their true potential. These hyper active individuals turn out to be the most productive or the most destructive elements of the society.

“Anarchists”, the most common name given by the intellectuals to individuals who exhibit fearlessness to the society. I pity the myopic intellectual of the Light who has no idea of the hierarchy of the Dark. The unveiled beliefs, the unpleasant truths, the raw feelings, can be enlightening but at the same time, can be terrifying. These could sub consciously bring about a change in you.

Removal of the white mask in the Dark opens you to a world of stories, stories of the dark, uncouth civilization that has set the ‘animal’ inside them free.

Ironically, this world is not that far from you. Look out the window at 3 am, do you see a light in someone’s window??? Do you see people roaming on the road???

The bone chilling realities of this society which hides behind a reformed white mask of institutions are unacceptable but are sadly true. The constant chatter about first world problems, criticisms of the second world nations and sympathies for the third world problems never addresses this certain part of the society that lurks in the darkness, the world of mysteries & horrors.

This camouflaged world hides away people who are independent, fearless or even trapped. They are far away from institutional problems. The ugly truth is that everyone is aware of the presence of this world yet no one questions it’s existence.

The moralistic individuals are termed as ‘bothersome’ in this world. No written set of rules or code of conduct is applicable, everything is understood. The law and order is carried out swiftly and without any inhibitions or hindrances. The efficiency of this system is off charts.

Welcome to the Dark, the place of opinions, preferences and demands. Have no fear, everything’s crystal clear.

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Don’t try to fit in, when you are born to stand out.
“Joh Dikhta h Vahi Bikhta h.” – “Appearances Matter.” Do they really???
Do your friends care how you look??? Does your lover care how you look???(Unless they are not your true friends or true love) 
Love and care come from the heart and flow straight to the other person’s heart. Appearances are never taken in consideration nor do they become a hindrance.
Yeah one has to look presentable. I agree that but you don’t have to look stunning to do something incredible. Beauty is a perception which varies from person to person. So, changing yourself just to impress others and gain attention misfires a lot.
Do you really need to show off??? No matter how good you look, the second you talk, people will know what kind of person you are, they will leave the physical beauty behind and start analyzing your character.
The above two articles describe the insecurity shown by women. Do you think Make-Up is so necessary??? Are you ashamed of how you naturally look???
Well, Men are not too far behind in the line. But, they usually overcome their fears sooner or later. What they have is what we call “First time Jitters” or “Initiation Jitters”

That’s not all, people try to change their character for others. They even try to shape their passions according to others. Since when did “What would the people say” became such an issue???. 

If someone loves or cares for you, shouldn’t it be for the real you??? Or do you want people to love or care a phony version of you or in computer language an edited version of you. 

Imperfections are what makes a person unique form the others. If everybody looked the same, no one would be special. What’s the fun in that???
As an atheist, let me ask you a question to the believers
Aren’t you god’s creation, why do you have to change yourself to look good then???
Here’s a poem I have written on Individuality. Covers everything I want to convey.
Why are you the same?
When you can be different
Why are you so lame
When you can be benevolent
Individuality is the breath
Of this life on earth
Why would you be usual
Destroying what is called original
Trends may come and trends may go
It’s your charm that has the glow
Anyone can start a trend you see
Requires a little mind that’s free
Why can’t you be the one
To show them how it’s really done
Teach them how hearts are won
Standing out are the unique
Seems they have their own peak
Others are just wax dolls
Pretending to be someone with highest polls
Do what you love
And love what you do
Choose the things
You open your hearts to.
Be yourself is just a lie
Be the best you could be
On the way others may die
But you may reach where u intend to be
‘I’ is what defines you
Makes u special like morning dew
Fresh to the very core
Nothing in you is meant to bore.
Don’t lose heart if u are ignored
New arrivals always seem to bore
Stay what you are and don’t change
There’s nothing that’s not in your range.
Be proud of what you are. Never alter it for the sake of impressing a few people. Have some confidence on your uniqueness.
There’s only one person like you in this world, don’t end his/her existence.
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Ignorance Is Bliss
I have heard these lines more than any quote in my entire life. Let me ask you something “If u close your eyes to something, would that thing cease to exist???” No, it remains there.
We are part of society which pretends blindness. We witness a lot of things in our day-to-day life yet we chose not to respond. Why bother??? Right… We should mind our own business.


Girls get molested, raped and even killed on roads in broad daylight. Guys get hacked, shot in crowded locations. People are getting kidnapped, trafficked, tortured. These things happen in our nation. Does that not concern you??? Is it not our business??? Or you would still say “Ignorance is Bliss”???
Your ignorance might cost a life.
People ignore medical advancements over their beliefs and myths. In a Malayalam movie on doctors “Ayalum Njanum Thammil”, a case is shown where a father refuses to have her daughter operated even though she is critical. The child had a 10% chance of survival if the operation is performed otherwise she would surely die. He would let his own daughter suffer than try to save her life. Yet another case is on “Believers”. Yeah, according to them science has limitations but God doesn’t. So, patient with a head injury doesn’t need a surgery, he will heal in time. But these people forget the most popular saying 
God helps those who help themselves
A statement by Nirbhaya’s Friend “If a single person had helped me that night, things would have been different”. Yet we chose to shut our eyes and walk away. 
These are all serious stuff. Let’s come to something lighter. Last week Maria Sharapova commented that she didn’t knew Sachin Tendulkar. What followed was a social media bash on her. She didn’t mean any disrespect and since she belongs to a non cricket nation maybe she really doesn’t know Sachin Tendulkar. Indians broke out in numbers on social media. Let me ask you one thing, how many of them knew Maria Sharapova before this incident???
Yesterday, me and my friends saw a trailer. At the end, this came up on the screen  “Adaptation of Hamlet”. And my friend asks me “What is that???” and when I told him about it, he denied having heard of it anywhere. It was a relief he knew who Shakespeare was.
I have often heard people ask questions like “Why should I read a novel???”, “Why should we watch movies???”, “Why should I know this piece of information??? It doesn’t concern me”, “How am i supposed to know that???”.
Nowadays, news just lets you know of politics, scams, killings, terrorism and a bit of sports. But, visual media i.e. movies, TV shows etc… offer a measurable amount of knowledge about things that happen around us(not of course masala movies). They spread awareness. Novels are such a good source of information and entertainment. Having healthy discussions also helps in developing our knowledge.
Ignoring anything just because it doesn’t concern you is a bad habit. You must always be curious to know about things. I’ve seen many people asking the above mentioned questions sitting silent in the group discussions of company interviews. Knowing a little extra always helps.

An encounter of a B.Tech(Computer Science & Engineering) student. He attended an interview for a certain IT company. The interviewer asked him about Indian Tax Systems(something which is not even close to his stream & as an IT student, he is not bound to know anything about it). Since, he had interest in business, he had read a lot on the topic. It came handy, the interviewer was impressed by his answer and he got selected.Still like to think that if things don’t concern you, they are worthless.
We should know a bit about everything
But make sure what you know is authentic.

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Good Parenting

We live in world which fears a lot. Everyone is afraid of something or the other. We live in an era where everything we do is exposed. It’s not good nor is it bad. Still people try to hide things, protect things.
Parents should protect their child not imprison them all their life. This leads to a situation where the child will never be aware of the harsh realities of world and how to live in it. If you stop your kid from growing up, he will always be a child. Don’t blame him/her for not acting mature or not taking decisions by himself.


These are the kids who lie. These are the kids who wander off stupidly and get themselves messed up. These are the kids who elope with their lovers. Do you know why???

A caged pigeon will always find the world overwhelming and once it steps outside, will it willingly come back in??? It is not aware of any dangers out there, so it makes mistakes.
Parents blame kids for their movies and friends, but the real reason behind such incidents is always their own ignorance. The child has never experienced the outside world, so anything shown in a movie or a soap opera (exaggerated) is considered reality by it. Can we blame them for that???
A girl going outside at night is never wrong. But a girl who has never gone out at night going out for the first time (most likely without telling her parents) is most likely to end up in a disaster. I see a lot of girls traveling at night, do each of them get raped???

A question to such parents…

Who will protect your children when you will be gone forever???
They themselves have to do it. So, Please let them grow up, let them be free. It’s their life not yours. Make them capable to handle the world. Don’t try to build them a world you prefer over the real world. Always remember, one day they have to step into the real world whether you like it or not.
The society needs a change. And the change starts from family. A slight change in a parents’ outlook leads to grave changes in the society. After all, society is formed by us. Before blaming the society, just take a deep breath and think…
Isn’t the society created by the parents??? After all everyone was a child once.
So, upbringing of a child is one of the major issues we have to tackle in this modern world. This is an issue which is never considered to be “SUCH A BIG DEAL”. Well, I’ve news for you. You were ignorant.
To my friends out there reading this, if your parents are like this, it’s your fault that you let them be. I am not asking you to fight or shout for your freedom, but you can ask for it gently and you may succeed in getting it over time. It’s only you who can change the attitude of your parents if they are blind or ignorant.

Don’t Wait For The Change, Be The Change

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Personal Interaction

The world would be a better place if people had time to talk to each other. Yeah, today people are so busy with their lives. They tend to forget they live in a society, they have friends, relatives and family.

The people are running after money, power, status and anything in the world that shines. They never get satisfied by anything they have, keep running for more. We have given birth to a society which is greedy, selfish and self-centered.

We have social media to make it even worse. Social media provides a great platform for them to manage their social lives. But people take it entirely wrong and think that social media is their social life. Social media was always meant to manage your social connections, it can do nothing more. It gives you a feeling of having and being connected to many friends at a point of time. Open your eyes to reality, the only reason social media survives is because people don’t meet anymore, they don’t have intimate relationships anymore. They just feel alone all the time. Social media gives them a feeling that they are not alone but although it makes you feel more and more lonely.

Social Media can support an existing relationship to a certain extent. But most of the fights happen on social media due to its ambiguous nature. A healthy discussion is not possible on a social media. Moreover, we have people who misuse the freedom of speech on the social media.

The feeling of the face 2 face conversation, argument, and fight can never be replicated by a series of texts. Have you ever noticed how polite you are when you text, waiting for a reply, letting people talk first etc… Texting can never solve any problems due to its fundamental problem, a text is highly edited to suit ones feelings. It can be ambiguous and can lead to more confusion. And most important who talks like that in your day-to-day life??? While texting, everything seems to be truth. You can’t see the facial expression, mannerisms etc… Texting can never offer you the luxuries of accents, humorous expressions etc…

Due to extensive development in the field of technology we have more options to share feelings. The sad thing about technology is that it can never replace human feelings, a set of emoticons aren’t enough to convey ones feelings. Also, the real reason for the invention for such technologies was to keep people in contact but it’s doing the opposite today.

Earlier people used to meet after some time. They had topics to talk about, things to share etc… Nowadays everyone texts, talks on the phone every day. If you talk every day, why would you ever want to meet in person??? What’s the difference??? Right. Too much of sugar ruins the tea…

There was a time when people had relationships without the help of any media whatsoever. Do you know the only reason they sustained. People genuinely trusted each other. They had intimate bonding and they never thought of the incentives they get from the relationship.

I don’t say that social media is worthless. But using it for self-loathing, promotion and considering yourself to be at the center of it is wrong. It’s a valuable resource which lets us to stay in contact. It enables us to stay in touch with our distant friends and helps us to know of their whereabouts and plans. But avoiding it when you are sitting next to each other is a good practice. It is really irritating when a friend is sitting next to you and texting or talking to someone else on the phone.

Nowadays even neighbors talk through Whatsapp and Facebook. Well you can’t prove it by saying you were busy, it’s just laziness.

A million problems can be solved in minutes if people started talking. Letting your feelings out has been proved to be best way to stay calm. It reduces tension, stress etc… A person who is able to communicate freely is the person who can succeed in life.

I’m borrowing the lines by Gary Turk…

Look up from your phone.
Shut down that display.
Stop texting your friends.
Talk to them the real way.


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