Good Parenting

We live in world which fears a lot. Everyone is afraid of something or the other. We live in an era where everything we do is exposed. It’s not good nor is it bad. Still people try to hide things, protect things.
Parents should protect their child not imprison them all their life. This leads to a situation where the child will never be aware of the harsh realities of world and how to live in it. If you stop your kid from growing up, he will always be a child. Don’t blame him/her for not acting mature or not taking decisions by himself.


These are the kids who lie. These are the kids who wander off stupidly and get themselves messed up. These are the kids who elope with their lovers. Do you know why???

A caged pigeon will always find the world overwhelming and once it steps outside, will it willingly come back in??? It is not aware of any dangers out there, so it makes mistakes.
Parents blame kids for their movies and friends, but the real reason behind such incidents is always their own ignorance. The child has never experienced the outside world, so anything shown in a movie or a soap opera (exaggerated) is considered reality by it. Can we blame them for that???
A girl going outside at night is never wrong. But a girl who has never gone out at night going out for the first time (most likely without telling her parents) is most likely to end up in a disaster. I see a lot of girls traveling at night, do each of them get raped???

A question to such parents…

Who will protect your children when you will be gone forever???
They themselves have to do it. So, Please let them grow up, let them be free. It’s their life not yours. Make them capable to handle the world. Don’t try to build them a world you prefer over the real world. Always remember, one day they have to step into the real world whether you like it or not.
The society needs a change. And the change starts from family. A slight change in a parents’ outlook leads to grave changes in the society. After all, society is formed by us. Before blaming the society, just take a deep breath and think…
Isn’t the society created by the parents??? After all everyone was a child once.
So, upbringing of a child is one of the major issues we have to tackle in this modern world. This is an issue which is never considered to be “SUCH A BIG DEAL”. Well, I’ve news for you. You were ignorant.
To my friends out there reading this, if your parents are like this, it’s your fault that you let them be. I am not asking you to fight or shout for your freedom, but you can ask for it gently and you may succeed in getting it over time. It’s only you who can change the attitude of your parents if they are blind or ignorant.

Don’t Wait For The Change, Be The Change


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Computer Science Engineer & Socio-Cultural Activist
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