Personal Interaction

The world would be a better place if people had time to talk to each other. Yeah, today people are so busy with their lives. They tend to forget they live in a society, they have friends, relatives and family.

The people are running after money, power, status and anything in the world that shines. They never get satisfied by anything they have, keep running for more. We have given birth to a society which is greedy, selfish and self-centered.

We have social media to make it even worse. Social media provides a great platform for them to manage their social lives. But people take it entirely wrong and think that social media is their social life. Social media was always meant to manage your social connections, it can do nothing more. It gives you a feeling of having and being connected to many friends at a point of time. Open your eyes to reality, the only reason social media survives is because people don’t meet anymore, they don’t have intimate relationships anymore. They just feel alone all the time. Social media gives them a feeling that they are not alone but although it makes you feel more and more lonely.

Social Media can support an existing relationship to a certain extent. But most of the fights happen on social media due to its ambiguous nature. A healthy discussion is not possible on a social media. Moreover, we have people who misuse the freedom of speech on the social media.

The feeling of the face 2 face conversation, argument, and fight can never be replicated by a series of texts. Have you ever noticed how polite you are when you text, waiting for a reply, letting people talk first etc… Texting can never solve any problems due to its fundamental problem, a text is highly edited to suit ones feelings. It can be ambiguous and can lead to more confusion. And most important who talks like that in your day-to-day life??? While texting, everything seems to be truth. You can’t see the facial expression, mannerisms etc… Texting can never offer you the luxuries of accents, humorous expressions etc…

Due to extensive development in the field of technology we have more options to share feelings. The sad thing about technology is that it can never replace human feelings, a set of emoticons aren’t enough to convey ones feelings. Also, the real reason for the invention for such technologies was to keep people in contact but it’s doing the opposite today.

Earlier people used to meet after some time. They had topics to talk about, things to share etc… Nowadays everyone texts, talks on the phone every day. If you talk every day, why would you ever want to meet in person??? What’s the difference??? Right. Too much of sugar ruins the tea…

There was a time when people had relationships without the help of any media whatsoever. Do you know the only reason they sustained. People genuinely trusted each other. They had intimate bonding and they never thought of the incentives they get from the relationship.

I don’t say that social media is worthless. But using it for self-loathing, promotion and considering yourself to be at the center of it is wrong. It’s a valuable resource which lets us to stay in contact. It enables us to stay in touch with our distant friends and helps us to know of their whereabouts and plans. But avoiding it when you are sitting next to each other is a good practice. It is really irritating when a friend is sitting next to you and texting or talking to someone else on the phone.

Nowadays even neighbors talk through Whatsapp and Facebook. Well you can’t prove it by saying you were busy, it’s just laziness.

A million problems can be solved in minutes if people started talking. Letting your feelings out has been proved to be best way to stay calm. It reduces tension, stress etc… A person who is able to communicate freely is the person who can succeed in life.

I’m borrowing the lines by Gary Turk…

Look up from your phone.
Shut down that display.
Stop texting your friends.
Talk to them the real way.



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Computer Science Engineer & Socio-Cultural Activist
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  1. Very Nice….Good Job…


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