Ignorance Is Bliss
I have heard these lines more than any quote in my entire life. Let me ask you something “If u close your eyes to something, would that thing cease to exist???” No, it remains there.
We are part of society which pretends blindness. We witness a lot of things in our day-to-day life yet we chose not to respond. Why bother??? Right… We should mind our own business.


Girls get molested, raped and even killed on roads in broad daylight. Guys get hacked, shot in crowded locations. People are getting kidnapped, trafficked, tortured. These things happen in our nation. Does that not concern you??? Is it not our business??? Or you would still say “Ignorance is Bliss”???
Your ignorance might cost a life.
People ignore medical advancements over their beliefs and myths. In a Malayalam movie on doctors “Ayalum Njanum Thammil”, a case is shown where a father refuses to have her daughter operated even though she is critical. The child had a 10% chance of survival if the operation is performed otherwise she would surely die. He would let his own daughter suffer than try to save her life. Yet another case is on “Believers”. Yeah, according to them science has limitations but God doesn’t. So, patient with a head injury doesn’t need a surgery, he will heal in time. But these people forget the most popular saying 
God helps those who help themselves
A statement by Nirbhaya’s Friend “If a single person had helped me that night, things would have been different”. Yet we chose to shut our eyes and walk away. 
These are all serious stuff. Let’s come to something lighter. Last week Maria Sharapova commented that she didn’t knew Sachin Tendulkar. What followed was a social media bash on her. She didn’t mean any disrespect and since she belongs to a non cricket nation maybe she really doesn’t know Sachin Tendulkar. Indians broke out in numbers on social media. Let me ask you one thing, how many of them knew Maria Sharapova before this incident???
Yesterday, me and my friends saw a trailer. At the end, this came up on the screen  “Adaptation of Hamlet”. And my friend asks me “What is that???” and when I told him about it, he denied having heard of it anywhere. It was a relief he knew who Shakespeare was.
I have often heard people ask questions like “Why should I read a novel???”, “Why should we watch movies???”, “Why should I know this piece of information??? It doesn’t concern me”, “How am i supposed to know that???”.
Nowadays, news just lets you know of politics, scams, killings, terrorism and a bit of sports. But, visual media i.e. movies, TV shows etc… offer a measurable amount of knowledge about things that happen around us(not of course masala movies). They spread awareness. Novels are such a good source of information and entertainment. Having healthy discussions also helps in developing our knowledge.
Ignoring anything just because it doesn’t concern you is a bad habit. You must always be curious to know about things. I’ve seen many people asking the above mentioned questions sitting silent in the group discussions of company interviews. Knowing a little extra always helps.

An encounter of a B.Tech(Computer Science & Engineering) student. He attended an interview for a certain IT company. The interviewer asked him about Indian Tax Systems(something which is not even close to his stream & as an IT student, he is not bound to know anything about it). Since, he had interest in business, he had read a lot on the topic. It came handy, the interviewer was impressed by his answer and he got selected.Still like to think that if things don’t concern you, they are worthless.
We should know a bit about everything
But make sure what you know is authentic.


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Computer Science Engineer & Socio-Cultural Activist
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One Response to Ignorance

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well, I believe it is most unfortunate state of affairs giong on with our generation…
    a change needs a stand taken not withdrawal!!


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