Don’t try to fit in, when you are born to stand out.
“Joh Dikhta h Vahi Bikhta h.” – “Appearances Matter.” Do they really???
Do your friends care how you look??? Does your lover care how you look???(Unless they are not your true friends or true love) 
Love and care come from the heart and flow straight to the other person’s heart. Appearances are never taken in consideration nor do they become a hindrance.
Yeah one has to look presentable. I agree that but you don’t have to look stunning to do something incredible. Beauty is a perception which varies from person to person. So, changing yourself just to impress others and gain attention misfires a lot.
Do you really need to show off??? No matter how good you look, the second you talk, people will know what kind of person you are, they will leave the physical beauty behind and start analyzing your character.
The above two articles describe the insecurity shown by women. Do you think Make-Up is so necessary??? Are you ashamed of how you naturally look???
Well, Men are not too far behind in the line. But, they usually overcome their fears sooner or later. What they have is what we call “First time Jitters” or “Initiation Jitters”

That’s not all, people try to change their character for others. They even try to shape their passions according to others. Since when did “What would the people say” became such an issue???. 

If someone loves or cares for you, shouldn’t it be for the real you??? Or do you want people to love or care a phony version of you or in computer language an edited version of you. 

Imperfections are what makes a person unique form the others. If everybody looked the same, no one would be special. What’s the fun in that???
As an atheist, let me ask you a question to the believers
Aren’t you god’s creation, why do you have to change yourself to look good then???
Here’s a poem I have written on Individuality. Covers everything I want to convey.
Why are you the same?
When you can be different
Why are you so lame
When you can be benevolent
Individuality is the breath
Of this life on earth
Why would you be usual
Destroying what is called original
Trends may come and trends may go
It’s your charm that has the glow
Anyone can start a trend you see
Requires a little mind that’s free
Why can’t you be the one
To show them how it’s really done
Teach them how hearts are won
Standing out are the unique
Seems they have their own peak
Others are just wax dolls
Pretending to be someone with highest polls
Do what you love
And love what you do
Choose the things
You open your hearts to.
Be yourself is just a lie
Be the best you could be
On the way others may die
But you may reach where u intend to be
‘I’ is what defines you
Makes u special like morning dew
Fresh to the very core
Nothing in you is meant to bore.
Don’t lose heart if u are ignored
New arrivals always seem to bore
Stay what you are and don’t change
There’s nothing that’s not in your range.
Be proud of what you are. Never alter it for the sake of impressing a few people. Have some confidence on your uniqueness.
There’s only one person like you in this world, don’t end his/her existence.

About Jish

Computer Science Engineer & Socio-Cultural Activist
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