Love – A Matter of Concern

If we google the term “LOVE”, we find a lot of definitions. Which one is correct???

I am not imposing anything, just sharing my views on Love.

According to me there are three types of love. “FAMILY”, “FRIENDSHIP” and “RELATIONSHIP”.


The love in a family is variable. It may not be shown at times, it may not be there at times but there’s a thing about this love, it always acts out sooner or later. The parents can’t stay angry on the child forever. The brothers can’t keep fighting each other forever. There’s a simple rule here that is always followed.

It’s like they only allow the right to hurt you to themselves. They won’t allow anyone else to do so.

Nowadays, there is a problem that is seen in kids. It’s called not so good parenting. So, the kid doesn’t know its parents more than it knows anyone else. This leads to a situation where there is more fear than love.


Then we have friendship. Unconditional, illogical as we describe it. The love in friendship is not blind. I know most of the things about my friend but I am happy with it and still I don’t think any low of him. Though if they cross the line, it’s up to me to stop them or make them understand.

We tell friends things we couldn’t tell our parents. A friend is someone who can be very close to us.

But still this thing is not seen in friendship also. I don’t remember choosing my friends. They came into my life and they never left. Well, that sums up what true friendship is. But, today people make friends for personal gain. Sharing things ā€“ “Usse kya fayda hoga” ā€“ “that won’t help me”. Is that the way you respond to a friend’s ask you tell him what’s wrong in your life??? Since when your friendship became a profit and loss statement???

Friendship is a choice but it’s not a choice when you meet someone, it’s when you don’t leave him after a certain time. There is no such thing as “worth” in friendship.

I have heard a lot of stupidity here and there about friendship between a boy and girl. Well, as I said it it’s always a choice. It’s not like no boy and girl can be just friends. They can, and if you need proof, my best friend is a girl and we are friends since we were 3. So, it’s about 19 years we have known each other.


Next we have relationship. The one which is commonly termed as love. It is one of the most popular things in the world. And sadly one of the most ambiguous things in the world too. The words “Friend zone” and “Sex” are the only things people link to it. But there’s more to it.

It’s always easy to say “I Love You”. But do you mean it??? Love is when you like a person mentally (for the way he/she thinks), physically (sexually, appearances, habits) & socially (the way he/she behaves in public). It also takes in consideration that how you behave with him/her in public i.e. you accept him/her as the person you love in public.

Most people love a part of themselves they see in the other person. So, they try to change the other parts of the person to suit their needs. This is not love. Love is when you accept a person the way he/she is and don’t think about changing anything. But, it doesn’t mean that the person is doing something wrong and you don’t stop him/her.

People seem to lose their Individuality for the sake of their relationship. Trying to make your relationship stable is good but changing yourself so that the other person accepts you is never a good thing.

Love is unconditional. If you love a person under certain conditions, please stop keeping him/ her in the dreamland. Set them free. After all love is voted to be the biggest reason for suicide in our country.

In India, more people ended their lives over love than property

Just because we are given a brain, should we forget about the divine feeling of love??? Is it worth it???


About Jishnu Nair

Computer Science Engineer working in Cognizant Technology Solutions
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