Unveil the Dark

Human lives are pretty simple if you consider the basic structure of life. The complexity arises from the lifestyle of a person. We address the modern era individual as a ‘millennial’. A millennial is capable of following or changing any lifestyles at will, making S/he a complex being.

An average millennial challenges majority of societal institutions but only according to their convenience. S/he has an image to maintain in the society which runs on dependent social constructs. It seems everyone wears a white mask, for the sake of theatrics. The white mask depicts the life of the individual which is visible to the society. The set of institutional rules, social constructs and systems are applicable while one is under surveillance. A millennial wears this mask whenever S/he is in the light, portraying themselves as the ‘good’ people.


What about the Dark??? Are you afraid of it??? Isn’t it just another natural phenomenon???

Are you the same person when no one is looking??? Do you feel empowered??? Do you feel the ‘beast’ inside you, just waiting to pounce???

The white mask worn by the individuals in the Light are worn off in the Dark. The absence of light empowers the person, shielding S/he from the prowling eyes that follow them everywhere. These creatures of the Dark exhibit no signs of fear or respect towards the laid out rules of the human establishment. These are extreme beings, beings of heightened senses and nerves of steel.

Don’t be afraid of them. They aren’t monsters, just normal human beings who have come to terms with their true potential. These hyper active individuals turn out to be the most productive or the most destructive elements of the society.

“Anarchists”, the most common name given by the intellectuals to individuals who exhibit fearlessness to the society. I pity the myopic intellectual of the Light who has no idea of the hierarchy of the Dark. The unveiled beliefs, the unpleasant truths, the raw feelings, can be enlightening but at the same time, can be terrifying. These could sub consciously bring about a change in you.

Removal of the white mask in the Dark opens you to a world of stories, stories of the dark, uncouth civilization that has set the ‘animal’ inside them free.

Ironically, this world is not that far from you. Look out the window at 3 am, do you see a light in someone’s window??? Do you see people roaming on the road???

The bone chilling realities of this society which hides behind a reformed white mask of institutions are unacceptable but are sadly true. The constant chatter about first world problems, criticisms of the second world nations and sympathies for the third world problems never addresses this certain part of the society that lurks in the darkness, the world of mysteries & horrors.

This camouflaged world hides away people who are independent, fearless or even trapped. They are far away from institutional problems. The ugly truth is that everyone is aware of the presence of this world yet no one questions it’s existence.

The moralistic individuals are termed as ‘bothersome’ in this world. No written set of rules or code of conduct is applicable, everything is understood. The law and order is carried out swiftly and without any inhibitions or hindrances. The efficiency of this system is off charts.

Welcome to the Dark, the place of opinions, preferences and demands. Have no fear, everything’s crystal clear.


About Jish

Computer Science Engineer & Socio-Cultural Activist
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